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Departed a little bit late and headed for Marulan pick up for a brief stop which turned into a longer nature call for most after the hot coffee turned cool in the morning air. Headed toward Bungonia and then onto Mountain Ash road to the GP memorial for a brief stop.

From the GP memorial we headed to Bungendore via Currawang and Tarago roads Currawang road has varying conditions from long straights to twisty section and the mojority of the road surface is in good condition.

On arrival at Bungendore we were lucky to get group parking outside the Lake George Hotel. Everyone enjoyed the warmth of a good pie and a hearty cup of coffee for morning tea at the Gunna Doo Bakery. Someone spared no expense in purchasing a beautiful Potato Pie and candle as a substitute for a birthday cake for Val's birthday. Val was very impressed with the pie but the sing along put a smile on her face.

After morning tea some of the group headed to fuel up and exchange virtues with some of the locals. After pleasantries were exchanged the group headed down Clyde Mountain to Ulladulla RSL for lunch.

The food was good value and nice. After lunch we fuelled up and then headed home along the coast road for those from the northern end and through Kangaroo Valley for those from the southern end.

A great day.

Thanks for coming.


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