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The group of approximately 30 people assembled at Ian and Debs home for the anticipated observation run. Once again Des had organised a challenging observation run around the Southern Highlands. The object of this run is to find the answers to clues (sometimes very cryptic) and return to the start location within a time frame and not lose points. There is no directions for the observation run you have to work out how to get as many clues in the allotted time. This makes for some interesting sights out on the road as people continually cross each others paths looking for clues. Most took advise from Des and traveled by car as "it is always safer arguing in a car than on a bike while riding". On return the sheets were handed in for the final marking by Des. As usual lots of discussion occurred as to the correct answer but the Judge always has the final say. The winners were Lucky and Kerry, and the runner up was Lee. Everyone enjoyed an afternoon socialising. Des thanked the ladies for providing home made treats for afternoon tea which were enjoyed by all.


Looking forward to the next challenging observation run Des.

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