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With great anticipation the Alice Springs AGM had arrived.Bikes and trailers were packed for the long haul to Alice. Wolly’s radiated outfrom the Southern Highlands on their trek to the centre of Australia.  Some interesting sites and towns were found onthe way. The road north from Port Augusta was a lot different than most hadexpected. Rain had turned the red dust into green with many lakes and evenwater laying along the side of the road. Wildlife except for cows did not causeany issues on the run north. After 4 to 5 days riding most Wolly’s had arrivedin Alice Springs for the week of sight seeing and fun. Alice Springs has a lotof hidden treasures from natural sites like the chasms to the wild life park, historicalattractions like the Telegraph station and in general meeting the people of thearea. Friday nights beach party was well attended. The grand Parade on Saturdaywas a great event with the streets lined with people of Alice. Thank you verymuch for joining us on the event. Saturday might’s theme was Alice inWonderland. There were many fantastic costumes and some had taken a lot ofeffort. After a week of fun Wolly packed up and headed home. Some headed northas far a Darwin, some headed south on different routes. All returned homesafely. Thanks to the organising branch for a huge effort and also thanks verymuch to the many volunteers who took time out to make this another memorable AGM.See you all next year.

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